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Wholesale Love is Love Finnigan Designer Collar and Lead Set

Wholesale Love is Love Finnigan Designer Collar and Lead Set

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Finnigan's Designer Collars and Leads are handmade and feature a 15mm width and metal hardware for small breed dogs. For larger sizes, an adjustable fit is provided while maintaining the 15mm hardware. The fabrics chosen are highly durable and stylish, crafted for day-to-day wear with an interlining for added strength. Personalization is available with Fibre Laser engraving on lightweight and sturdy aluminium buckles. The engraving adds an extra element of personalization and uniqueness, so your furry friends stand out. Every collar and lead is designed with comfort in mind, providing the perfect balance of fashion and function.

 Care Guide

All metal quick release buckles require regular maintenance to ensure they work correctly and safely.
This involves lubricating the metal quick release buckle.
After it gets wet, let it dry, clear the spring from mud and spray with a little lubricant. This will ensure that the buckle will always work well.

Check that the collar is sufficiently tightened. If the collar flies around the neck, both triggers could be accidentally squeezed at once causing the buckle to open randomly.

Ensure your dog is wearing the correct size collar, that the buckle makes a “click” sound when closing and that there is no hair caught inside.


To ensure the collar stays looking good for longer, hand wash or machine wash in a gentle 30 degree cycle and place in a wash bag.

Make sure the collar fits correctly, place two fingers between their neck and the collar to make sure it is not too tight.
As with all collars, check for wear and tear periodically and replace when appropriate.
Please do not leave your pet collar within reach of your pet when not in use, I cannot replace or refund products which have been damaged/chewed.

Size Chart

Note: Please measure your pet before placing your order, to ensure you ordering the correct size.

Dog Neck Sizes:

Small: Neck Size 10.5-16.5” (26-42cm)

Medium: Neck Size 12.5-19.5” (31-50cm)

Large: Neck Size 15-23.5” (38-60cm)




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