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Adventure Paws Tactical Dog Harness with Essentials Bag

Adventure Paws Tactical Dog Harness with Essentials Bag

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Unleash your loyal companion's inner adventurer with the Epic Explorer Canine Comrade Tactical Dog Harness by Adventure Paws. This exquisite harness, designed for the daring and stylish canine elite, combines robust nylon craftsmanship with a plush padded interior. Choose from sophisticated Brown, sleek Black, or rugged Green options to elevate your dog's training sessions, walking expeditions, and outdoor escapades. Equipped with a convenient bag for all your pet's essentials, this harness is the epitome of luxury and functionality. Ideal for medium to large breeds like Labradors and German Shepherds, it's time to gear up for a paw-some experience!

- Material: Strong Nylon Construction
- Suitable for: Medium to Large Dog Breeds
- Available Colours: Brown, Black, Green
- Includes: Handy Bag for Essentials

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