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Didog Royal Paws Personalised Pet Throne

Didog Royal Paws Personalised Pet Throne

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Give your furry royalty the comfort they deserve with the Royal Paws Personalised Pet Throne by Didog. This lavish fur-adorned pet blanket is a symbol of opulence and pampering, crafted to envelop your pet in a cloud of luxurious warmth and cosiness. Perfect for stylish naps, elegant mat pads, or delightful picnics, this blanket is an essential treat for any pet parent looking to provide their beloved companion with the royal treatment. Personalise it with your pet's name for a touch of bespoke luxury. Your pet will revel in regal comfort like never before.

- Brand: Didog
- Material: Ultra-soft double-sided fleece
- Personalisation: Customisable with pet's name
- Usage: Perfect for nap time, mat pad, or as a picnic blanket
- Design: Exquisite heart print adorned with luxurious fur
- Size: Various sizes available

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