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Regal Pet Chic Self-Cleaning Grooming Wand

Regal Pet Chic Self-Cleaning Grooming Wand

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Elevate your pet's grooming experience with the opulent Regal Pet Chic Grooming Wand. Crafted in Mainland China, this divine grooming tool effortlessly sweeps away pet hair in a singular graceful motion, transforming grooming into a lavish ritual. Constructed from exquisite ABS and stainless steel materials, this self-cleaning slicker brush is the epitome of elegance for pampering your beloved feline or canine companion. Enrich your pet's care routine with the Regal Pet Chic Grooming Wand and make every grooming session a regal affair.

- Effortlessly removes pet hair in a single stroke
- Made from premium ABS and stainless steel
- Self-cleaning slicker brush design
- Suitable for cats and dogs

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