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Finnigan's Play Pen

Deluxe Whisker Wonderland Dining Set

Deluxe Whisker Wonderland Dining Set

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Indulge your royal feline in the epitome of luxury with the Whisker Wonderland Deluxe Dining Set. Crafted with the finest attention to detail from high-grade PP in mystical Mainland China, this dining set promises a regal dining experience like no other. Let your beloved pet revel in the enchantment of each meal served in this exquisite bowl, adding a touch of opulence to their dining area. Transform every feeding into a majestic adventure for your furry friend, and relish in the joy of showering your pet with gourmet delights at each sitting.

- Crafted from food-grade PP
- Originates from Mainland China
- Features a delightful colour palette
- Offers perfect measurements for your pet's needs

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