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Finnigan's Play Pen

Chic Pup Elegance Plus, Custom Engrave Perk 🐾

Chic Pup Elegance Plus, Custom Engrave Perk 🐾

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Indulge your pooch's inner fashionista with Finnigan's Durable Designer Dog Lead No.31m! 🐾 This hand-crafted collar is not just a fashion statement but a paw-some blend of style and functionality. Perfect for medium-sized breeds, this collar adds a touch of elegance with its 20mm width. Want something thinner? No worries, as Finnigan's has got you covered! 🌟

Each collar is lovingly made with 100% cotton and durable webbing inner, ensuring your furry friend stays stylish on the go. The range of unique designer fabrics will make your doggo stand out from the pack. And let's not forget the custom engraved aluminium buckle to showcase your pet's personal flair! 🌈

Whether your pup is a trendsetter or just needs a smart accessory for their dog tags, Finnigan's Designer Dog Lead is just what they need. Practical, durable, and undeniably chic, this lead is a must-have for every stylish pooch out there. 🐕💫

Give your dog the gift of style and comfort with Finnigan's Designer Dog Lead No.31m. Walkies will never be the same again! 🌺

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