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Chic Cotton Canine Lead by Finnigan's 🐾

Chic Cotton Canine Lead by Finnigan's 🐾

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Step up your dog's style game with the Durable Designer Dog Lead No.20l from Finnigan's! 🌟 Designed with practicality and style in mind, this lead is a must-have for the fashion-forward pup on the go. 🐾 Made to perfection for large dog breeds, this lead features a charming pattern that will make heads turn on your daily walks. With a sturdy 25mm width that ensures durability while keeping your pup looking fabulous, this lead is a blend of function and flair. 🌈

🐶 Fully adjustable to fit your furry friend perfectly, the Durable Designer Dog Lead No.20l is crafted with 100% cotton and a durable webbing inner to withstand daily wear and tear. The aluminium hardware adds a touch of elegance, making it a standout accessory in your pet's wardrobe. 💫

🔍 Don't forget to check our size chart to ensure the perfect fit for your dog. Whether you have a small, medium, or large breed, Finnigan's has got you covered. And for that extra touch of personalisation, opt for our custom engraved collar buckle to showcase your pet's unique style! 🎀

Elevate your dog's look with Finnigan's Durable Designer Dog Lead No.20l - because your four-legged friend deserves the best in both style and durability. 🐕✨

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