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Finnigan's Play Pen

Regal Paws Bespangled Dog Lead

Regal Paws Bespangled Dog Lead

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Elevate your dog's daily walks with the opulent Luxury Paws Embellished Dog Lead. Crafted for medium-sized breeds, this lead seamlessly intertwines lavish style with practicality. Each collar is meticulously designed with a durable webbing inner and sleek aluminium hardware for unrivalled durability and sophistication. The 100% cotton fabric with interfacing inner layer guarantees both elegance and resilience, while the customisable option for larger breeds ensures a perfect fit for every furry companion. Personalise your pet's style with a custom-engraved collar buckle, adding a unique touch to their ensemble. Enrich your pet's accessory collection with the exquisite range from Luxury Paws.

- Width: 20mm
- Material: 100% cotton fabric with interfacing inner layer
- Hardware: Aluminium
- Customisable option available for larger dog breeds

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