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Finnigan's Play Pen

Finnigan's Luxe Pet Collar Perfection

Finnigan's Luxe Pet Collar Perfection

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Indulge your beloved pet with the exquisite Finnigan's Designer Dream Collar Set No.21m, crafted to perfection with an unparalleled blend of sophistication and style. Handmade using premium designer fabrics and a personalised engraved aluminium buckle, this bespoke collar set ensures your furry companion stands out with unrivalled elegance. Personalise every detail to reflect your pet's unique personality. Elevate your pet's presence to a new level of luxury with Finnigan's impeccable craftsmanship.

- Handmade with premium designer fabrics
- Features a personalised engraved aluminium buckle
- Offers bespoke customisation options
- Elevates your pet's style to the next level

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