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Finnigan's Play Pen

Luxury Pup Elegance & Strength Set

Luxury Pup Elegance & Strength Set

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Indulge your beloved furry companion with Finnigan's Luxury Canine Couture Collar Set. Your sophisticated pup deserves the very best – a perfect mix of durability and opulence. Let them stand out as the trendsetter they are with this exquisite collar set, designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

- Customisable engraved buckle for a personalised touch
- Impeccable blend of durability and flair
- Crafted for the stylish pup on the move

- Engraved buckle: Customisable
- Material: Durable design
- Style: Designer collar set
- Suitable for: Stylish pups on the move

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