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Luxury Pooch Cotton Couture Dog Collar

Luxury Pooch Cotton Couture Dog Collar

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Indulge your precious pet in the epitome of luxury with Athena Designer Handmade Dog Collars. Crafted from exquisite 100% cotton fabric, these collars offer unmatched style and durability that set your furry companion apart. Personalise with an engraved collar buckle to add a bespoke touch. Ensure a perfect fit by customising based on your pet's neck size. Choose from a variety of stunning designs to match your pet's unique character and elevate their fashion game. Make a statement while prioritising comfort and style – your beloved pet deserves nothing but the best.

- Material: 100% cotton fabric
- Personalisation: Engraved collar buckle
- Fit: Customised sizing based on neck measurement

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