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Regal Canine Elegance Cotton Physiological Panties

Regal Canine Elegance Cotton Physiological Panties

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Indulge your precious pup with the epitome of luxury and style with our Regal Canine Elegance Physiological Pantaloons. Crafted from premium 100% Cotton for supreme comfort, these washable Female Dog Shorts are not only practical but also stunningly stylish. With a selection of elegant Blue and Green shades to choose from, your furry companion will exude sophistication in every setting. Keep your beloved pet feeling pampered and looking posh with these Pets Underwear Sanitary Panties.

- Material: 100% Cotton
- Season: All seasons
- Type: Dogs
- Pattern: Solid
- Available Colors: Blue, Green
- Sizes: S/M/L/XL/2XL

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