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Luxury Real Leather Dog Leash - The Posh Pup 🐾

Luxury Real Leather Dog Leash - The Posh Pup 🐾

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Indulge your furry companion in the epitome of luxury with the Real Leather Dog Leash - The Posh Pup Companion. Crafted for the discerning pet parent seeking opulence and practicality, this Genuine Leather Traffic Lead is a statement piece for your stylish pooch. Made from high-quality leather and adorned with a heavy-duty nickel-plated snap stainless hook, this leash effortlessly blends elegance with strength. Whether it's for training sessions or leisurely strolls in the park, this 3/4" wide leash ensures a sophisticated walking experience. Available in timeless Brown or sleek Black, elevate every walk with a touch of sophistication. Embrace walks with your loyal companion in utmost style and ease with the Leather Dog Leash by Real Leather.

- Material: Genuine leather
- Width: 3/4"
- Colour options: Brown or Black

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